As I have stated before, I pray that more Churches put out a report like the Baptist Press does everyday! Thank you to all the folks at the Baptist Press for all you do!

What a touching story! Glory!

Baptist Press

By Charles Jones/Christian Index, posted May 24, 2024 in National NewsNorth American Mission Board

WESTFIELD, Ind. (BP) – The following was posted by Baptist Press on Feb. 18, 1966. Under the heading, “Navy Seeks Ministers as Chaplains”:

“The Southern Baptist Chaplains Commission has put out a call for Baptist ministers ready for immediate commission and active duty in the United States Navy. The demand was brought on by a Navy adjustment of the number of Baptist chaplains and by the stepped-up manpower needs resulting from the war in Vietnam.”

One of those who responded to this call was William “Billy” E. Dodson who was commissioned as a Navy chaplain in 1967. His 89-year-old widow, Ray Dean “Teen” Dodson said, “I remember the day Billy came walking through the door with a copy of The Alabama Baptist in his hand reading me the story.”

The Alabama natives were members of the last graduating class of Howard College (Samford University) where they had met. After college they moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where Billy completed a degree at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Following seminary, he became the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Wilmer, Ala., where he was serving when he entered the Navy.

During his first tour in Vietnam in 1967, he was assigned to the Marine Seabee Construction Unit, MCB 11, stationed at Camp Barnes near the DMZ. It was to be a baptism by fire. During their 1967 tour, the MCB 11 was involved in 128 firefights, resulting in 102 wounded and 12 killed in action. Because of their actions in 1967, the unit became the most decorated Seabee Battalion in history. More Here

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