America needs JESUS, the one and only true peacemaker. Not more crazy and evil politicians.

This message by Janet Mefferd, in the Christian Post is excellent. You may not agree with it, but I encourage you to pray and think what God would have you do with this information.

I get sick of hearing all these new terms, like WOKE! RACE WARS! WHY? I did not know what WOKE was until I researched it. Too many new terms in this society! I am of GOD not all this junk!

I have to say, when I was going to school at Brown in Minneapolis in the late 70’s, I so much enjoyed making friends with people from Malaysia, Uganda, and all over the world! Tan Tian from Malaysia and Jim Butty from Uganda were so precious to me because they gave me much wisdom. Tan and I still keep in touch to this day. We are of one God and one world. Togetherness. I also will add that no matter who wins this upcoming Presidential election, America will remain in conflict, as none of the two primary candidates are peacemakers. It is a very ugly situation with these two.

A lot of this junk is happening because the Church has lost its influence in America. Many Pastors preach politics and support evil politicians! They are fools to think that is going to bring good works for our LORD! So many people we talk to on our Great Commission trips have left the Church because of politics. Politics is the playground of Satan!  George Barna: “People have become more selfish, churches have become less influential, pastors have become less Bible-centric”

Is is very tragic now when some people will identity their Church as a Trump-supporting Church or liberal Church…

Is the United States destined for balkanization?

Balkanizedpast participleBalkanized
  1. divide (a region or body) into smaller mutually hostile states or groups.
    “ambitious neighbors would snatch pieces of territory, Balkanizing the country”
    Janet Mefferd The Christian Post

Gab founder Andrew Torba — a prominent advocate of “Woke Right” Christian nationalism — recently made that case, writing that “as the world around us becomes increasingly divided and fragmented, Christians must take proactive steps to prepare for the inevitable balkanization of our society.”

“Inevitable?” Why does he believe that it is “absolutely” a done deal that America will break apart into “smaller, ethnically or culturally homogeneous regions?” For Torba, it’s bound to happen because of mass immigration and feckless elected representatives, whom he charges with serving the interests of “the Zionists” instead of “the people.” After laying out his own ethnic prejudice against Jews, he proceeds to try to kill all hope of a future American melting pot, writing, “Individualism works only in homogeneous societies; it cannot work in a multicultural one.” More Here

How would Jesus evangelize?

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