The FDA and Justice for Women


The U.S. Supreme Court is once again tasked with determining whether they will undo what those who are intent on taking the lives of innocent children and unsuspecting mothers have done.

All the rhetoric you hear about the abortion industry tells that their “mission” – if you will – is to help women. They say they want to protect women’s rights to healthcare and abortion. There is no argument that women do have a right to healthcare, but abortion is not healthcare. These are political talking points designed to endear women to politicians who “say” they have her best interest in mind.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Stand. The profits of the abortion industry, and the pharmaceutical industry in general, took up a surprisingly large proportion of both sides’ arguments. At one point, Alito asked Danco’s lawyer, “You think you’re going to sell more [abortion pills] if the restrictions that previously were in place were lifted?”

“Yes,” Ellsworth replied.

“So, you’re going to make more money?” Alito continued.

In her closing argument, Solicitor General Prelogar pleaded with judges not to overturn FDA approval of the abortion drug, despite its injuring tens of thousands of women, because “it harms the pharmaceutical industry.” [Ben Johnson, Washington Stand]

Once again, the issue has little to do with women’s healthcare, but money. Both the abortion and pharmaceutical industry stand to lose money if safeguards are reinstated. The FDA violated federal law and conscience rights when they approved the abortion drug mifepristone, and they are making arguments in favor of the drug despite the evidence that many women are being harmed or even killed using this unregulated drug.

One of the most troubling aspects of the distribution of this drug is that a woman does not have to be seen by the abortionist. She receives no ultrasound and does not know how far along she is. She, in essence, receives NO care. The pills are prescribed even across state lines (another violation of federal law). She now becomes the abortionist and her bedroom the abortion clinic. This is what they consider healthcare.

In New Mexico, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a press release and she said, “it would be a catastrophic development for reproductive health in this country.” First, abortion is about the prevention of reproduction not promoting it. Planned Parenthood is a misnomer, because they have no plans on you becoming a parent. Next, she said “In New Mexico, we believe strongly in preserving access to abortion and abortion medication, and we will continue to do so.”

In 2019, Governor Grisham asked New Mexicans to call in and state whether they were for or against abortion and assisted suicide. In two weeks, 10,000 calls poured into her office and OVER 98% stated they were against abortion and assisted suicide. Again, her statement that “we” strongly believe in preserving abortion is well…a lie. New Mexicans are predominantly Pro-Life. Her own survey proved this statement to be untrue. An utter lie.

Our prayer is that the U.S. Supreme Court will closely examine the evidence presented that clearly points out the danger of this drug to women and see through all the lies that this is best for them. It is clearly about the abortion and pharmaceutical industries bottom line period. They can claim all they want that this is for the benefit of the woman, but the evidence is to the contrary.

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