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By Jon Brown, Christian Post Reporter

A bill seeking to allow people in New Hampshire with six months or less to live access to physician-assisted suicide has survived a challenge spurred by a Catholic lawmaker who changed his mind after voting in favor of the legislation.

New Hampshire state Rep. Mike Ouellet, a Republican representing Colebrook, first voted in favor of House Bill 1283, which would legalize assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. The bill narrowly passed the New Hampshire House on March 21 by a vote of 179-176, with 24 state representatives abstaining. More Here

Got Questions states: We live in what is sometimes described as a “culture of death.” Abortion on demand has been practiced for decades. Now some are seriously proposing infanticide. And euthanasia is promoted as a viable means of solving various social and financial problems. This focus on death as an answer to the world’s problems is a total reversal of the biblical model. Death is an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). Life is a sacred gift from God (Genesis 2:7). When given the choice between life and death, God told Israel to “choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:19). Euthanasia spurns the gift and embraces the curse. More Here

Number of U.S. Abortions sets record

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