I have started now for years it is not safe anywhere in Albuquerque. We just had another shooting at a mall. Many children do not have a dad or mom at home. Some have no parent. The lack of growing up in a two parent home with Christian beliefs is getting rare all over America. Hell is raging in Albuquerque and all over America. It is a heart issue, hearts sold out to God. Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview! DO YOU NOT SEE THE RESULTS??? Just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview!

Politicians are full of hot air!

All this hell in America is a heart issue! More laws will not fix it! ONLY JESUS! JESUS SAVES!

Albuquerque police responded to Coronado Mall Saturday night after reports of shots fired inside.

Witnesses say they saw two teens running from the food court, and one fired a shot. Officers haven’t made any arrests.

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Back in November KOAT TV has this report: How are teens getting guns in New Mexico

From KFF. The independent source for health policy research, polling, and news.

Firearm injuries and deaths in the United States have increased in recent years and adversely affect many children and adolescents. Firearms now kill more children and adolescents than any other cause, surpassing motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, the U.S. has by far the highest rate of child and teen firearm mortality compared to peer countries. Beyond deaths, there are many more youth who survive gunshot wounds or are otherwise exposed to gun violence. These exposures can lead to negative behavioral health outcomes among youth and their family members. This brief explores the impacts of gun violence on children and adolescents (ages 17 and below) by answering the following key questions:

  • How have firearm deaths changed in recent years among children and adolescents and how do these deaths vary by demographic characteristics?
  • What is known about nonfatal firearm injury and gun exposure among children and adolescents?
  • How does gun violence affect the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents?
  • What policies are in place to address youth exposure to gun violence?
  • More Here From KFF


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