FGGAM Photo from Denver camp for the homeless in the summer of 2023. Pastor Dewey, Gretchen and Lars share the love of Jesus with food and treats to all.



Jesse T. Jackson

Millionaire OnlyFans model Nala Ray has deleted all her adult videos from her profile after giving her life to Jesus.

The 23-year-old Ray grew up a Baptist pastor’s daughter in what she described was a strict religious household, sharing, “My upbringing was very strict. I am the middle child of five kids. We were all homeschooled, read the Bible daily, and attended Baptist church every Sunday.” The Rest of The Story Here

Why are so many people watching ‘The Chosen?’

I am very skeptical about JESUS movies. I have been so disappointed with so many of them. I have dragged my feet now for years about watching ‘The Chosen.’ On Saturday one of me wonderful neighbors came down the street to talk to me. Ray is a wonderful man of God. He often gives me cash to hand out to those that GOD points out to me to give the money to. Ray said, “Have you and Sharon ever watched the ‘The Chosen’? I told Ray no we have not, but a lot of my buddies say I should. The Rest of The Story Here

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