From Anne Graham Lotz:

A Prayer to Make a Difference in a Hurting World | THE LIGHT OF HIS PRESENCE

Blessed Heavenly Father,

All Your promises are trustworthy. All life’s questions are answered in You.

I worship You, the One who supplies strength to the weary, increases power to the faint, and offers escape to the tempted. I worship You, the One who sympathizes with the hurting, shields the defenseless, enriches the poor, sustains the helpless, and shelters the homeless. You give purpose to the aimless, comfort to the lonely, fruit to the barren, beauty to the meek, a future to the hopeless, and life to the lifeless!

Lord, I confess that I too often overlook the people who need Your love and healing. Consumed with myself and my schedule, I don’t make time to listen for Your leading and to watch for opportunities to give Jesus to those around me.

Forgive me, Father.

In a world of lonely, frightened people, give me a heart that is broken for the things that break Yours. Give me compassion for a lost and dying world, for people You love. Give me an unquenchable love for Your gospel, for Your Son, for Your Word, for You. Use me to make an eternal difference in the lives of people all around me.

I humbly, boldly ask that You give me the attention of my friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, even my enemies, so that they see my example and:

  • want to know You because they know me;
  • place their faith in You because I am trustworthy;
  • believe You because of what I say and the way I say it;
  • know that You love them, because I love them;
  • have hope because I am so genuinely confident;
  • have peace because I am not afraid; and
  • look to You as the solution for what’s wrong, because I am looking to You.

Now I ask You to grow me into someone who reflects You in all I say and do.

For the glory of Your name—Jesus,


In Christ I Can…..National Day of Prayer May 2nd 2024

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