Photo of Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina From City of Albuquerque

I have been praying about this accident ever since it happened. It pains me as to what took place. Todd Perchert’s life was changed in seconds. We pray for his healing, we pray that  APD Chief Harold Medina would meet the family. In today’s world is that possible? With JESUS everything is possible. Sharon and I are praying over this situation, healing and peace. I am so very sorry for the pain and suffering Mr. Perchert is going through.

This is a reminder for us all that our lives can be changed in seconds.

The Daily Mail

On February 17, Todd Perchert, 55, was driving eastbound on Central Avenue in Albuquerque in his 66 Mustang when APD Chief Harold Medina ran a red light and crashed his cruiser into him while trying to escape gunfire.

On March 27th Perchert and his wife held a news conference following the car crash. The family, still shaken from the incident, is seeking to hold the Albuquerque police chief accountable.

‘As a military veteran, I appreciate the men and women that go into the military and law enforcement. These are not easy jobs and take a great deal of sacrifice and dedication. I have a great deal of respect for our law enforcement,’ Todd said at the conference.

‘However, I am disappointed in the actions of our police chief and the reaction of Mayor Tim Keller praising the chief’s decisions.’ The Rest of The Story Here

KOB TV NEWS: We hearing from the man who says his life was turned upside down after a crash involving the Albuquerque police chief.

Todd Perchert was in the car APD Chief Harold Medina slammed into when he ran a red light trying to escape gunfire in February.

Beyond wishing this whole thing never happened, this family is still going through a lot of emotional and physical pain. They have questions and a request for APD accountability. More Here

Lapel camera shows aftermath of crash involving APD chief

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