This message is from Jeramiah 1

A sense of spiritual weight usually accompanies a prayer burden.

This past week I officiated another funeral. Sometimes the weight becomes to much for me. I carry the spiritual weight of many. I also went to the hospital to visit a young lady who has a terminal illness. A prayer burden is a heaviness of heart and emotion, a spirit of mourning or feeling of restlessness. We cannot always find a way to shift ourselves from a problem or need that has come our way.

One of my heroes, Smith Wigglesworth would carry the burdens of many, and at times would moan and groan trying to go to sleep after one of his revival services. SMITH WIGGLESWORTH BIOGRAPHY. Sharon has to help me at times to give it all to the Lord.

I am like you, I am not a machine, I cannot turn off my love for people by flipping a switch. O have a childlike faith in JESUS. Without the love of my life, Sharon I would not do so well, she keeps me going. Ministry is not for the weak.


If we learn nothing else from the story of Johnny Cash, we learn that God gives second chances, and third ones, and fourth ones . . .

Watch the Movie Johnny Cash: The redemption of an American Icon

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