Fox News reports that former U.S. Border Patrol (“USBP”) Chief Rodney Scott claimed he was punished for offering feedback to the Biden Administration that was critical of its border control responsibilities.

Scott described a recent meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden, current USBP Chief Jason Owens and USBP’s Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Gloria Chavez near Brownsville, Texas, as nothing more than a ‘photo-op’ for President Biden.

Scott, who became USBC Chief in 2021 during President Donald J. Trump’s tenure, claimed that his advice to the Biden Administration led to his early retirement – stating that if agents speak freely, “they’ll probably be out of a job.”  When Scott’s feedback was disregarded, he was reassigned and subsequently elected to retire from the agency.

The Fox News report may be read HERE.

In this writer’s view, the Biden Administration has ZERO credibility in any matter concerning immigration and border control.  The administration has, for years now, knowingly and intentionally allowed (even encouraged through its policies) illegal immigrants to arrive at the U.S. border and walk right in – often dubiously claiming amnesty, which used to be difficult to prove and was not justified simply or solely upon one’s standard of living.

President Joe Biden used his power unilaterally to undo dozens of border-related administrative actions, resulting in the millions of undocumented immigrants (illegally and with knowledge of U.S. officials) entering the United States – complete with loaded credit cards, clothing, and free transportation and housing which many U.S. veterans and homeless would have appreciated.

Even though the Trump-era policies successfully stemmed and controlled border incursions and substantially limited the influx of undocumented persons into the United States, Biden immediately rescinded them upon his election.

What is remarkable, and represents the ‘elephant in the room’ and gross intellectual dishonesty by many elected congresspersons, is that Biden has continually claimed that only the U.S. Congress can correct the border situation through legislation.  Folks, if Trump corrected the problem administratively and Biden rescinded all of Trump’s policies administratively, then on what basis is congress and legislation required to make needed changes at the border?  Exactly.  It’s a lie and a game.

Forget Trump and Biden as individuals for a moment.  Let’s pray for wise decision-making and a balance between secure borders and allowing legal immigrants and true asylum seekers to be able to enter the country.  It should be common sense to our elected and appointed officials that loosening the relatively rigid requirements to emigrate legally to the United States makes more sense than retaining strict requirements for legal immigration and simultaneously opening the border to illegal immigrants.  That alone should send up red flags!

Here is some of what the bible has to say about honesty and integrity:

Proverbs 2:6-8 (NLT)
“For the Lord grants wisdom!  From [H]is mouth come knowledge and understanding.  He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest.  He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.  He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to [H]im.”

Proverbs 17:26 (NLT)
“It is wrong to punish the godly for being good or to flog leaders for being honest.”

Praise Jesus forevermore!

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