Happy Easter Everyone! If you have heard of Jesus but not clear about who or what He was and is, this message can help. This is a powerful prerecorded message of the Risen Jesus and His Mission. Dr. Stanley’s ministry has had a big impact on millions and millions! It can have a big impact on you too.

I am so excited in the LORD to hear about this news! Glory to God in the Highest! I have been connected to Charles Stanley’s ministry now for about 20 years! First at KIKIM Radio and now here at FGGAM. I have met Pastor Stanley two times, he now resides in heaven, but his works continue! GLORY! His ministry has supported FGGAM since the start, with teaching materials, including Bibles, to help us carry out The Great Commission!

GLORY! Charles Stanley Institute To Be Launched by In Touch Ministries To Provide ‘In-Depth Biblical Instruction’

Church Attendance in U.S. Continues to Decline. Great Commission Failure.

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