FGGAM Photo of Amy who is from Castle Rock, Colorado. Sharon and I helped her and her family reestablish their relationship with GOD.
This love note is from Amy from Castle Rock, Colorado that was left in our room. Amy was the night manager of the Hotel we stayed at. FGGAM has carried out the Great Commission in 7 states the last two years.

We here at FGGAM are a Great Commission Ministry! I feel the greatest failure of the American Courcy is to reach the lost. I peached on this last week in Albuquerque. Just 4% of American have a Biblical Worldview as Church attendance continues to fall. We all need to build bridges of love and trust with the world, Tear down those walls Church! Jesus walked! How about you? Is you Church baptizing folks every Sunday? Every month? If not, why not?

Yesterday I sent time in downtown Albuquerque showing the love of Jesus. Daughter Gretchen was with me. We need to really listen to folks on why they do not go to Church, why they think they do not have to go to Church. We hear many things about what people think of Christians. Some of the complaints are valid!!

I would love to come and share at your Church sometime. Contact me below.


We are called to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). But, before we do that, we need to understand the unchurched. This population is a growing demographic that needs attention and outreach from the church.

Those who are unchurched do not regularly attend religious services or do not identify with a specific religious affiliation. They may be spiritually disconnected, have no interest in organized religion, or have had negative experiences with the church. More Here

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