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We are seeing a surge of demonic activity in America…….I have warned about this for over 20 years now, you are blind if you do not see this. We Are Witnessing a Surge of Demonic Activity in America. Two Minnesota Police officers and a Paramedic Shot and Killed. Gunman Dead.

Americans are tired of the same old politics. I talk to more and more peole that have had it with the DEMS and GOP! Many young people tell me they are not even going to vote. It is very sad what politics has done to America. Politics is one of our worst enemies! Both parties are spilt up, in threes or more, they are fighting within themselves! I would not let any of them run a one car funeral! Not a good example to our young people. JESUS SAVES! POLITICS DESTROYS! Trump vs. Biden: The rematch many Americans don’t want

Oh America, your only hope is JESUS! Not more stinking politics……Many of those fools think they bigger than GOD ALMIGHTY. There is a price to pay when you think you are above God.

It would be very foolish for you and me to think a mass shooting could not happen in our neighborhood, at our Church, school, supermarket, sporting event, or any other location.


Stephanie Martin

Following a mass shooting on Feb. 14th near the end of a Super Bowl parade and rally, Kansas City residents are reeling. About half of the 22 people who were shot and injured near Union Station downtown were children. One victim, a DJ and mother of two, died from her injuries.

The rally to celebrate the Chiefs’ Feb. 11 Super Bowl victory was wrapping up when shots rang out. An estimated 800,000 people gathered for the celebration, and local schools were closed Wednesday so children could attend. More Here

Albuquerque Police Chief Involved in Crash Following Shooting! Also This Evil: Three Kids Arrested For Shooting at Albuquerque Police Officer

Evil is that which is morally wrong or sinful; it can also be defined as the absence of good. Since God is good and the measure of goodness, evil is essentially that which goes against His nature and His ways. Evil exists in our world because some of God’s creatures rebelled and continue to rebel against Him. More Here

America needs JESUS! Are you carrying out the Great Commission daily in your community? Or do you work for the sit-more-do-little church? 3 Things You Can Do Today to Carry Out the Great Commission

Please listen to my message on ADVERSITY

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