Pastor Dewey Moede: I hear a lot from folks that they wish someone else rather than Biden and Trump were running. I do not support either. It is very ugly that Biden is President. He is not capable. It is like elder abuse. Shame on his family and the DEMS for putting him in that position. I am praying for God to send new committed Christian leadership to America. So many in D.C. are dysfunctional and are destroying our country. As Mark Twain stated, “The only difference between a Democrat and Republican is the spelling.”  That’s so true since many Republican’s are changing their position of abortion to appease voters! KILLING BABIES IS ALL OF SUDDEN OKAY SINCE IT IS ELCTION SEASON! SHAME!

I have said for years that politics is the playground of Satan. When you get out on the streets and byways of America, like me and Sharon you will here a lot say they are fed up with both parties and many have left the Church because of politics entering into the messages of some Pastors.

Church attendance continues to drop in America, tragic!

America has become very ungodly. Just 4% of us have a Biblical Worldview.

Denison Forum

Dr. Jim Denison

The Associated Press is reporting this morning that Sunday’s Super Bowl, with 123.4 million viewers, was the most-watched program in television history. The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans are preparing for their victory parade tomorrow. A variety of outlets are offering their rankings of Super Bowl commercials from best to worst (my personal favorite was the Ben Affleck/Tom Brady/Matt Damon ad).

And people are still talking about something that did not happen during the game: the customary interview with the president of the United States. White House officials said they made the decision to skip the interview because Super Bowl viewers wanted to watch football, not the president. One official added that President Biden turned down the interview because the network would have aired just a brief clip on Sunday instead of a fuller extended version.

However, many saw the decision as evidence of Mr. Biden’s advancing age, an issue that has been especially in the news with last week’s report from special counsel Robert Hur that the president is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

This issue is not going away for the president, or for the leading contender to replace him in the Oval Office. More Here

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