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Dr. Jim Denison

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended his Republican presidential campaign yesterday and endorsed former President Donald Trump. His decision leaves Mr. Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley as the last major candidates remaining in the race ahead of tomorrow’s New Hampshire Republican primary.

His announcement is making headlines not just because it could change the race for the White House but because that race will change our lives. Whatever your partisan position, I’m certain you’ll agree that America will be a profoundly different nation if President Biden is reelected than if Mr. Trump or Mrs. Haley win the election.

And yet, in a very real and foundational sense, the ultimate destiny of our nation is less in their hands than in yours and mine. More Here

Pastor Dewey Moede: FGGAM will never be silent on the killing of God’s babies! Abortion is the biggest obstacle between God and America. America has become a very, very foolish nation. Many have left the American Church because it is not relating to our current evil situations in this country, many Churches are full of political beliefs. Sharon and I hear it all the time when we are out carrying The Great Commission. Did Your Pastor Preach On This Yesterday? Sanctity of Life “The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion”-Mother Teresa; “Pro-Life is Pro Science”-Gary Bauer

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