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Andrew Wilson is the teaching pastor of King’s Church in London and the author of a brilliant new book, Remaking the World: How 1776 Created the Post-Christian West.

In it, he describes Western culture as “Ex-Christian.” To make his point, he portrays his readers who “believe in God and go to church every week” this way: More Here

Chuck Lawless in Churchleaders: “I’ve never seen an evangelistic church without an evangelistic pastor.” If the person preaching the Word every week is not faithfully evangelizing, it’s unlikely the church will do anything different. That fact means that many pastors—if not most—must intentionally prioritize evangelism. Here are some ways to do that: More Here

A cloud of death is over New Mexico Victim’s Mother Speaks Out After New Mexico Democrats Kill ‘Revolving Door’ Crime Bill. NM Needs a Come to JESUS Meeting!

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