WOW! I love messages that make me THINK! I love messages that go right my heart and soul! They preach! This is a WINNER! Wes Van Fleet:  “If you could accomplish great things for the glory of God, but no one except God and you would know, would you still put in all the work necessary to accomplish those things?” I will read this time and time again forever! What a great reminder! So many seek their own glory! Watch Facebook, much of that self-glory makes me sick. The Lord has been showing me that Christians should be in mourning, as the world moves away from God and kills and sinks into hell, for heaven sakes, the world is at war! I do not know if the majority of the people in America really know what mourning is, and to be humble. Pride is celebrated in our world. People proudly flaunt their accomplishments, possessions, or qualities they deem admirable in expectation of praise. Yet, selfish pride is a hindrance to salvation and to a fruitful relationship with God and others. James warns us about this self-focused pride when he writes, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6, NLT).More Here

Sharon and I have spent much time talking about the New Year and what God wants us to do through FGGAM. The Lord established FGGAM to shine the light of Jesus to one person at a time. God told me that. I explain to people the Holy Spirit is our messenger and we all should be immersed in Him, then you will hear what God’s wants you to do with your life. But you got to drop your self-will, you have to be so very, very humble.

God has shown us to keep on the road He has had us now for almost 13 years, that will be in August of 2024. The Lord did say that we are to hit the road more, so we will, and carry out The Great Commission. One on one ministry!

I pray that this message from Wes Van Fleet touches your heart and soul. It inspires me so very, very much!

From Beautiful Christian Life

Written By Wes Van Fleet

If you could accomplish great things for the glory of God, but no one except God and you would know, would you still put in all the work necessary to accomplish those things? This is a question I have asked myself a million times and found myself asking it again this week. A while back, a friend recommended a documentary on Netflix called The Alpinist. Spoiler alert: The Alpinist is about a young man named Marc-Andre Leclerc. Leclerc is portrayed as one of the world’s best solo rock climbers (meaning no ropes) in a world that most people don’t know about.

To be a solo climber is to traverse some of the earth’s most dangerous mountains without the safety of a rope, which would lead any sane spectator to give praise to the accomplishments of these brave men and women. Leclerc, though, has a different definition of what “solo” means. The makers of the documentary find themselves frustrated with Marc-Andre because he would leave the country and go climb some of the most difficult mountains in the world without telling them. In short, they couldn’t swallow the fact that Leclerc was willing to climb these massive walls without getting the credit they believed he deserved. He finally calls them and explains that it’s not truly a solo climb if others are there filming. More Here


  1. A MUST READ! I agree, Pastor Moede, and I’m in full agreement with the 2024 focus for FGGAM. Pride can be even more than a hindrance, it can produce death. The opening question is priceless and has a certain “ouch” inducing quality. Lord, help me to be all about exalting You, seeking Your will, and letting You guide my path for all of my remaining years. Help me to resist the temptation to move forward in blatant self will and ask for Your blessing after the fact!

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