Dr. Jim Denison writes about a very important matter once again this morning. It is a subject that too many Pastors stay away from – not everyone is going to be healed. What happens when all-of-a-sudden you have a loved one die?

My family is going through extreme grief with the loss of my sister’s husband this past June in a farm accident. My sister Deb and the kids and grandchildren are all having a tough time. Why God?

I do many funerals and I do not pretend to have all the answers. I am not God! Too many make this mistake and ‘play God;’ they have an answer for everything. Not good. Foolish behavior. God is God. We all need to strive to trust God.

Sharon and I are still grieving the passing of our pup, Daisy. I do not care if you do not understand grieving fur babies. Daisy is our part of our family forever and ever as all our pups are.

This entire subject that Dr. Denison brings up, hits me from all sides. I deal with death weekly as a Pastor. I was very hurt when my Mom passed away of cancer in 1995, and when I told a man about it, he answered by saying, “we prayed and prayed and my Mom was healed.” How stupid to say that! We prayed for my Mom also, but God chose to bring her up to heaven. Some say the dumbest things to people that are grieving. For example, one of my friend’s sons has brain cancer, and when she asked for prayer from a lady, the lady quickly replied, “my son had brain cancer and died.” Not a good way to reply right off the bat!

Questions abound about death. Years ago the late Pastor Ray Franks told me, “Dewey, we should always pray for the Lord’s will to be done.”

  • He is omniscient, so we shouldn’t always expect to understand his thoughts (Isaiah 55:8–9).

We always must put our loved ones in the hands of God. We seek the face of God when we pray. We pray for healing. It is hard – I understand.  I am right there, right now! I have many, many very sick friends. I lean into God and trust.

  • He sees the end from the beginning, so we shouldn’t always expect to understand his plans (Isaiah 46:10).

The late Pastor Larry Moss told me after his son died, “Dewey, never question God.” Life is very hard at times.

Dr. Jim Denison: Your prayers don’t inform an omniscient God—they position you to receive what you ask or whatever is best.

I have to say, I thank the Lord for all the Pastors and mature Christians I have in my life!

I do not think that DEATH, HEAVEN AND HELL are sufficiently preached in the American Church. That is not good.

Today across the world, many will die believing they had tomorrow coming. That is why it is vital that you and I make sure that all of those around us have JESUS! There is urgency to that! It is called The Great Commission.

Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING we do and say – should point others to JESUS! Eternal life with HIM!

Oh Lord, I pray for YOUR WILL to be done in the lives of me and Sharon. We strive to trust You more and more everyday.

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Dr. Jim Denison

When part of an Alaska Airlines fuselage blew out last Friday, no one was sitting next to it.

Was this a miracle?

If so, why did God allow the near-disaster?

More to the point: Will he protect you the next time you travel?

Why Flight 1282’s accident could have been worse

An NTSB official says the accident could have been “much more tragic.” Here’s why:

  • The flight was nearly full, but the seats next to the faulty door plug were unoccupied.
  • The aircraft was still climbing, so passengers were seated with seat belts.
  • If it had been at cruising altitude, people could have been walking around and injured or even sucked out of the hole.
  • A blowout at altitude could have led to oxygen starvation, causing loss of consciousness and even permanent brain damage.

Then there’s the door plug, which could have struck someone on the ground but landed in a Portland science teacher’s backyard instead. More Here

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