New Mexico continues to kill babies and I do do not see the majority of the people here upset that God’s babies are being killed. It makes me sick. Are the majority of the people here just kinda numb to the killings of babies, as crime soars here? Like the young man running through a mall in Albuquerque with a gun? I think he fired off one shot?  New details emerge about teen accused of firing shot outside Coronado Mall. Let us get down to the nitty gritty Church. We all need to do a better work in helping people, of sharing JESUS with them. People are being killed every week here in Albuquerque, seems to me everyday there are reports of another shooting death. Police: 1 dead in overnight shooting in NW Albuquerque. The secular news media never reports on the number of God’s babies being killed here in New Mexico through abortion. Just think……. what kind of world we are handing down to our children, makes me sick!

The Satanic Temple is busy all over in America! Look what happened in Wisconsin and IS going on in New Mexico………

A small town in Wisconsin is facing heavy backlash after its annual Christmas tree festival included a tree that depicted Satanic ornaments and another that included trans flags.

The Festival of Trees at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin will display 66 Christmas trees until December 31.

But a few of the trees featured this year are sparking the public’s outrage. More Here

Meanwhile here in New Mexico the governor supports the Satanic Temple abortion hotline. We have ran this story before, BUT! My purpose of posting this story once again is BEACAUSE MANY HERE FORGET, OR DO NOT CARE WHAT IS GOING ON! MY GOODNESS PEOPLE! What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God. From LIVE ACTION: “Why are taxpayers of New Mexico forced to promote the satanic temple religious abortion center through the pro-abortion governor’s hotline?” Elisa Martinez of the New Mexico Alliance for Life said in an e-mailed press release. “Is the state of New Mexico fully disclosing to women that ‘TST Health’ is a satanic ritualistic abortion center and that abortion is not a life-saving procedure or (not health care), that it involves the ending of an innocent human life?” More Here

Got Questions states: Most Satanists, devil worshipers, diabolists, Luciferians, and members of the Church of Satan claim to have roots in LaVeyan Satanism, named after Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic Bible and founder of the first Church of Satan. LaVey presumably started the First Church of Satan in 1966. As a self-proclaimed authority on everything evil, he began giving weekly lectures at a cost of $2.00 per person. And thus the Church of Satan was born. More Here

Only 4% of America has a Biblical Worldview, Satan is gaining much ground here in America.

“If Jesus Christ came to this planet as a model of how we ought to live, then our goal should be to act like Jesus. Sadly, few people consistently demonstrate the love, obedience and priorities of Jesus. The primary reason that people do not act like Jesus is because they do not think like Jesus. Behavior stems from what we think – our attitudes, beliefs, values and opinions. Although most people own a Bible and know some of its content, our research found that most Americans have little idea how to integrate core biblical principles to form a unified and meaningful response to the challenges and opportunities of life. We’re often more concerned with survival amidst chaos than with experiencing truth and significance.” George Barna.

Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

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