New Mexico Law Enforcement Looking For Suspect In Double Murder in Santa Fe County

Authorities are looking for Jose “Adrian” Roman.

KOB TV Photo

I am just sick and tired of all the murders in New Mexico and all over America. America has become so very ungodly. Think for a moment the Satanic mess we are handing down to our children the their children. If your looking for a political solution, your barking up the wrong tree.  JESUS is the only solution. Right now just 4% of America has a Biblical Worldview, that equals hell. It is going to get worse in America.

KOB TV Reports:

SANTA FE COUNTY, N.M. — Deputies are looking for a man who reportedly stole a gun from a person in Albuquerque and used it to kill two people in Santa Fe County.

Authorities are looking for Jose “Adrian” Roman. He is accused of driving to his ex-girlfriend’s residence in Santa Fe County and killing her and her son. More Here

It seems there is a murder right now in Albuquerque everyday. Police: 1 dead after reported dispute in SE Albuquerque

More than two years after Bennie Hargrove was shot and killed by a classmate at his Albuquerque middle school, his family has one more piece of closure

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