Sharon and I were heartbroken last night watching the report on KOB TV about the ransomware attack on Lovelace healthcare. My goodness! People trying to just get basic services for days now, like prescription refills! We are praying this horrible situation is resolved today! Today as of 6:28am, this notice is on the front page of the Lovelace website: Please be aware we are still experiencing a network outage, which is affecting our clinic operations and may impact your scheduled appointment. We are working diligently to call patients to confirm or reschedule appointments. KOB TV REPORT

The FGGAM website us under constant threats. My goodness! So are our computers and phones. We are thankful for the Christian web services we have.

This morning I saw this posting in Churchleaders. Note: We do not subscribe to the services below. I am just attempting to give you an idea how to protect yourself from ransomware.

From Churchleaders:

Malware threats are everywhere. Websites, emails, text messages… and wisdom suggests it’s best to protect with the best tools possible. We recently moved our anti-malware spec to SentinelOne. Instead of relying solely on malware signatures (database of known threats), it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect from malware agents— even those that are too new to be in malware signature databases.

How to Protect Against Ransomware

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