This message is from June 14th of 2020. It rings true today here in 2023. Amen! Always!

Welcome to this weeks edition of the House of Hope!

We sometimes wonder where God is during the storms of life, in all the troubles of the world. Where is God? Why doesn’t He stop the evil? The Bible assures us that God will abolish evil when Christ returns. No wonder Scripture tells us that, at that time, “every knee should bow… and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Philippians 2:10-11).

Jesus did not tell us when the end of the world as we know it will end. He said we were not to speculate. Jesus said that there would be certain signs to watch for. These “signs of the times” are described throughout Scripture, and taken together we see a striking portrait of the end times.

Jesus spoke of the coming of a godless, secular society, and He spoke of the dangers of heresies of those who try to pervert the message of the truth Christ came to deliver. He spoke of disease, famine, and war. This is a realistic portrait of our times.

But there is a wonderful assurance in the Person of Jesus Christ. The question to ask is, “Where will you be when the end of time comes?” As the wonderful song “How Great Thou Art” says, someday He will come with shouts of acclamation, and there will be a joyous reunion of all those who have trusted in Him. Prepare yourself for that moment of all moments that count for eternity.

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