Please take time to get on your knees today and pray for the world to come to JESUS! Do your part! Don’t sit around and complain! DO YOUR PART NOW!! SHARE JESUS IN YOUR COMMUNITY! ! Please do not be part of the do-little-sit-more Church. Therefore Go and Make Disciples The Church in America has lost much of its influence. Big mistake…….. staying within the walls of a Church building as Satan raises hell on the outside and takes souls with him. GO! Occupy until He comes.

It is later than you may think. How dare you keep JESUS to yourself. That is so very selfish! Do you share JESUs in the grocery store? post office? Doctors office? On the street?

Many are dying here in Albuquerque that may have not known JESUS!

Afghanistan has been having a series of earthquakes. My heart breaks at all the deaths and destruction. Over 2,000 people have been killed.

CNN: A powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan on Sunday, just days after another deadly quake devastated its western Herat province. With the region already reeling from recent seismic activity, global aid groups and rescue teams say the country is now facing an escalating humanitarian crisis, on top of war and a collapsed economy. Taliban government officials estimate that more than 2,000 people across Herat province have been killed; more than 90% of those were women and children, according to UN agencies and officials on the ground.

Israel Ziv, a retired Israeli general grabbed his pistol and battled Hamas. Why is Israel important to America?

HATE CRIMES IN AMERICA! Man fatally Stabs 6-year-old Palestinian Boy and Wounds His Mom

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