WOW! I got to see this movie! I love softball/baseball! I have played and coached! Wore a full leg brace when I was 4-years-old until I was almost 6! I was told I might not walk or run and play like the rest of the kids by the doctor! God had other plans! Glory! I have been playing softball for over 20 years now here in Albuquerque, however I have took a break this year, God’s plan. Very busy in ministry! GOD COMES FIRST!

Have you ever heard of Pete Gray? Gray played the outfield for the St. Louis Browns in 1945. Mr. Gray had just ONE ARM! There is a movie about his life. How about Jim Abbott? One hand! He pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees! Gray and Abbott, two of my super heroes! Glory to God! Read their stories! You will be inspired big time!

From The Christian Post: A new biopic based on the story of one-armed all-star softball player Katelyn Pavey will hit theaters this Friday, and the athlete hopes her story will help others realize they can do all things through Christ.

Released by First Capital Films in partnership with Kappa Studios, the postproduction home for “The Chosen,” The film follows Pavey’s remarkable journey of “triumph with plenty of ‘I Can’ perseverance, her family’s love, and lots of God’s grace,” according to a description of the movie which opens in theaters on Sept. 22. More Here

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