I am sorry for the late posting on the U.S. Constitution Day, but I have had my hands full in ministry work and we had some big time Word Press technical problems on Sunday. Hundreds of Word Press sites went down that day! I do not know the reason. The engineers at Word Press, had not figured out what had happened the last time I checked.

This quote I read this morning from E.M. Bounds hits home: No man can do a great and enduring work for God who is not a man of prayer. And, no man can be a man of prayer without giving much time to prayer. E.M. Bounds

I have got to get prayed up to start my day, put on the amour of God. It is getting tougher to operate a website on this crazy world. I am not technical at all.

The ‘nothing noise’ in America is getting louder and louder everyday. So many Americans have turned away from God.

More show and tell from Christian researcher George Barna, proof in the pudding, I call it.

“The only true social crisis is a worldview crisis. The result is a paucity of Jesus’ disciples. We treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the crisis,” George Barna asserted, outlining statistics often used to refute the idea that there is a worldview crisis in America.

George Barna: Most Christians don’t know what a disciple is

I am dealing with many families that do not have a Church, for one reason or another they just do not have a Pastor. All this weighs heavy on my heart.

In the meantime………

One of the stories we covered last week was what New Mexico Governor Lujan did with her ‘gun grab.’ Totally unconstitutional. New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham narrows ban on guns to public parks and playgrounds

Now here is the latest: U.S. House of Reps. to vote on condemning New Mexico governor

Sept. 17th was U.S. Constitution Day. Without it, we have no America. America is falling fast, the only thing that can save America from itself is JESUS! For many years Americans have feared Al-Qaeda and other terrorist’s groups, but the enemy was within, and is having a huge successes. That enemy is Satan. Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. The Church here has lost much of its influence on society.

Many Americans have do not beleive in God and the U.S. Constitution. That means more and more chaos in our country. The upcoming presidential election and vote count is probably going to get very ungodly.

From The Christian Post: September 17th each year marks the historic moment in “the year of our Lord 1787” when the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia.

This was a great milestone in world history. More of the constitutions around the world have been patterned after our nation’s governing document than any other frame of government.

But today the Constitution seems to not be appreciated by many in our culture, including in academia, in the media, in entertainment, even in our government.

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