KOB 4 News (Santa Fe, NM) reports that New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez sent a letter today to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham advising that his office will not defend the governor’s public health order (“PHO”), which, in part, temporarily bans the open and concealed carry of firearms in Bernalillo County.

In his letter, AG Torrez said the PHO infringes on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and that it was unclear how the PHO would measurably reduce gun violence in the community.

AG Torrez’ letter cites three lawsuits already received by the State of New Mexico that would not be defended by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.

The KOB 4 News article may be read HERE.

New Mexico Political Report is also reporting in this matter, citing the following quote from AG Torrez’ letter to Governor Lujan Grisham:

“Though I recognize my statutory obligation as New Mexico’s chief legal officer to defend state officials when they are sued in their official capacity, my duty to uphold and defend the constitutional rights of every citizen takes precedence.  Simply put, I do not believe that the Emergency Order will have any meaningful impact on public safety but, more importantly, I do not believe it passes constitutional muster.”

The New Mexico Political Report article may be read HERE.

Accordingly, AG Torrez is of the same view as Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen, Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina – all of whom have announced they will not enforce the provisions of the governor’s PHO.

At this point, it appears that the governor is ON HER OWN, as it seems highly unlikely that a state administrative agency (e.g., New Mexico Environment Department or New Mexico Department of Health) would be tasked with enforcing weapons charges, even if the violations are tied to a public health order.

My brothers and sisters, the governor’s ban on the carry of firearms is exceedingly and clearly in conflict with the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, and also violates the State of New Mexico’s constitution.

One person, regardless of status, should NEVER have the authority to independently and arbitrarily declare portions of our federal and state constitutions null and void – even on a temporary basis. Such is the reasoning of a dictator and falls more in line with the governments of totalitarian regimes and communist countries, not the freedom and self-governing intent of the US Constitution and the will of our forefathers.

We need to pray for our state!  Let’s pray that the necessary lessons are learned, with eyes and ears open to the word of the Lord.  Let’s pray that our leaders would walk humbly, in the wisdom of God, seeking what is right, best and lawful for the citizens of New Mexico!

Praise Jesus forevermore!

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