Contagion Overlooked



 Before I get into my point, allow a disclaimer.   This article is not to create an argument for or against the huge manmade blight upon the earth in these present years.   Covid.  I hate that name.   I can hear a soft hiss and evil laugh when it is spoken by anyone.   I will always refer to it for what it was and always will be in my mind: Corona Virus.  It was produced and spread into the entire world for evil purposes, that being to weaken populations through mass fear and death.   To a great degree, this has been successful.  I have lost many, many friends to this dreaded sickness, and my heart aches for anyone who has endured this not knowing if they too might succumb to its horrors.  The varied and often misunderstood positions relating to this pandemic (the very word pandemic divides friends, family, and nation) is causing havoc between people of prior relationships of goodwill.

Corona Virus is real.  It is a dreaded occurrence we must contend with, gathering all the wisdom and care we can discover.   That discovery process has had a plethora of confusion.  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate has been both confusing and contentious.

Again, this is not for the purpose of contesting opinions on this issue.  There is a larger point to consider in this writing.  But allow me to share my own experience just to assure you that I am not soft peddling this contagion.   I received with great faith a preferred vaccination plus boosters.  In a few months, I had some questioning symptoms and tested positive.  Oh, the pain, extreme high fevers for days on end.   Chest hurt.  Breathing hard.  Heart pounding.  Sore throat like never before.  I was given three infusions over three days in the ER.  In my fever deliriums, I heard evil voices that repeatedly told me I was not going to survive this; I would die.  So, beloved, this is real!

Disclaimer over.  Now to my greater purpose in writing:

We are living in tremendously desperate times.    I know historically and in many parts of the world, things have been worse, but I am speaking of my nearly 77 years on this earth.   These are fearful and challenging days for certain.   Why?   What causes all the sickness, disease, death, and hateful violent acts against one another?  Did you know that out of the past 3500 years of recorded history, man has only experienced 268 total years of peace?

What is behind the chaos and mayhem on this otherwise beautiful planet?   Why?  Why?  Why?

Listen, God created this universe, earth, animals, all the plant life, and the crowning glory of it all . . . man.   All along the path of creating, God would pause, reflect, and proclaim that it was good.  Then at the conclusion of the mere six-day event of creating everything out of nothing, He said with all the compassion, wisdom, justness, and power that He is, He said that it was very good.  Everything was purposeful, beautiful, satisfactory, comfortable (not too cool and not too warm), and peaceful.  We are not told how long it remained this way, but on the spectrum, it was way too short.

Where did all this chaos begin?  What could be so powerful as to destroy God’s paradise?   Only one thing.  Disobedience.   One act of disobedience disrupted God’s plan.  One carefully planned and acted out temptation in the face of man’s freewill.  Things changed.  Things changed quickly.  Home was lost.   Intimacy with his Creator was lost. Things continued to change.  The curse.  Sickness.  Aging.  Death.  God knew.  God knew before He began to create.

He created anyway.  That is Who He is.

Yes, His world came to chaos.  But in creating a world, a garden, a man, He was also creating a Way.  Redemption.  Redemption born in His heart and plan prior to the Words: “In the beginning . . .”

Man fell from grace.  The fall of man.  The fall of the whole world.  This is a fallen world.  A world of fallen humanity.  “All have sinned and fall(en) short of the glory of God.”   No one escapes this.   We were all damaged.   Chaos.

Chaos spread through the world, the nations.  Hate grew.  Everybody’s blemishes revealed.  Pride.  Selfishness.  Greed to the max.   Hatred and jealousy between the nations.      Contagion the Word called “the sin nature.”

From nearly the beginning this world has been in the worst sort of pandemic; contagion.

Today we are plagued with all kinds of sicknesses, many leading to the grave and beyond.  We will spare no expense to slow or hinder the course of life which because of the fall leads to death.   “It is appointed unto to man to die, then the judgment.”   Man will eventually die physically from this fallen world.  Vaccinations will change nothing in this course of life.  Infusions will not.  Money will not buy a way out.  Medicine of every strength is unable to change the date with judgment for one act of disobedience: rebellion against our Creator.  Isn’t it sad?  We worry over what is temporary and ignore what is eternal.

But remember God also created a Way.   He provided a remedy.   Jesus Christ died on the Cross to become our remedy; our Redeemer, to pay our price for rebellion; to sacrifice for our sins.   Jesus Christ became our Remedy for sin and judgment.  However, we know in these days of Covid, a remedy is not helpful if it is not trusted and taken.   Trusted and taken.  Believing and receiving.

Admit the guilt, the disease, the need through confession, repentance (sorrow for your sin), and faith.  Repent to your Creator, turning away from sin; have faith in the power of Jesus Christ’s remedy for sin, judgment, and damnation.  It is a free and powerful remedy.

Faith is believing and trusting.    Do you have faith to believe the truth about your salvation through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection?  Trust God.  Take the remedy and live forever with Him in glory.

It comes down to this: the brevity verses the eternal.   We worry more over sickness and death than we do over separation from God and eternal damnation.  There are priorities to consider in these difficult days.  Seek God and live!

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