By Samantha Kamman, Christian Post Reporter WASHINGTON — Churches must work to restore healthy marriages and fatherhood to combat a growing decline in Christianity, according to a survey released by a faith-based group.

J.P. De Gance is the founder and president of Communio, a nonprofit that equips churches to strengthen the marriage and relationship health of its members. On Monday, De Gance discussed the results of the Communio Nationwide Study on Faith and Relationships at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank. More Here

From Pastor Dewey:

One of the best things I have been blessed to take part in this year is a conference for families at The Way, The Truth, and Life Ministries in Grants, NM. Pastor Danny Almanza and his congregation are so very loving. It is a nondenominational Church. They recognize that the battle for the family starts at home! Around 7 Pastors spoke, I was there to preach with FGGAM’s preacher man Chuck Akeley and Pastor Ed Solis! TEAM JESUS! Pastor Steve Stucker preached on Sunday. Other Pastors from Grants spoke. OPEN DOORS! The power of the Body of Christ coming together to help families! The conference offered the hope of JESUS CHRIST. We all spoke to the issues that families face, and always pointed to JESUS for the answer. I pray more Pastors will OPEN THIER DOORS TO ALL and minister to their entire community! Why stay within your walls? What message does that send? The Church has a great responsibility to JESUS! It is called The Great Commission. you do know this is as command, right? It is not a suggestion.

Gun violence is a horrible problem in America: The Church must be involved!

“If we’re going to solve the problem of gun violence, we need to start by talking to the people who know the most about gun violence, how the system is working, and more importantly, how the system is failing,” NM Attorney General Raúl Torrez said. More Here




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