I am officiating a funeral service this afternoon. I have two other services coming up. My heartaches so very much. I am still grieving the loss of my brother-in-law Paul Rogers who died in a tragic farm accident in June. I think of my sister Deb all alone out on the farm back home in Minnesota. I have been ministering to a lovely lady named Susan who is in the hospital. Her son recently died. I will be doing that service. My heart aches for Susan. We grieve hard, because we love hard. Be so very sensitive around people who are grieving. Remember, everyone grieves differently.

This is a very good message for all to read, not just Pastors.


Imagine it’s a few minutes after service has ended, and a couple in your church, Lucas and Shannon, approach you for prayer. As you listen to their heartbreak, you’re moved with compassion and want to support them. They share about the devastating loss of a loved one; as you listen, you can tell they feel hurt by God. In that moment, of course you pray with them, but you also desire to provide ongoing support. In this article, we will introduce a new term as well as an activity you can use with grieving congregants. More Here

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