We are so very blessed to have Pastor Joseph “Preacher” Carrillo join TEAM JESUS!  Praise the Lord!  Pastor Carrillo will have his own FGGAM’s author page soon!

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Pastor Carrillo recently posted this powerful and heartfelt message on Facebook:

If You’re Struggling with Alcoholism, Depression, Drug Abuse & Addiction; PLEASE Reach Out & Reach Up for HELP!!!

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving back from Amarillo, Texas, I received a call from the Los Angeles, California County Coroner’s Office.  The coroner’s investigator informed me that my Little Brother, Adan Carrillo, had succumbed to Alcoholism, Depression, and to Drug Addiction while living on Skid Row In Los Angeles, California.  He was found deceased at 9:00 AM on Tuesday morning, August 8, 2023, in Los Angeles County, and the coroner was able to reach the next of Kin on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

According to the coroner’s investigation, my little Brother was an alcoholic; he had walking Jaundice; he was suffering from depression; and he was self-medicating with Drugs & Alcohol in an attempt to get away from his current reality – until all of his organs failed, shut down, and he died alone.

Adan Carrillo went to Los Angeles approximately three years ago to get away from his problems in El Paso, Texas and to pursue a music career.  He was quite the entertainer and his music resembled 9-Inch Nails.  He was also funny, a caring brother, uncle, and friend, and a charismatic young man.

Unfortunately, Satan got a hold of him through Deception & False Comforts that were temporarily found in the bottle and then in narcotics like cocaine and Methamphetamine.

Satan’s goals are to SEPARATE us from our God, and to ISOLATE us from our loved ones and family support to avoid reaching out for help.  He loves to instill SHAME, GUILT, and a sense of WORTHLESSNESS, which is a lie from the pit of hell; because my brother was created in God’s image and in His likeness.

Satan is a Liar & a Deceiver who comes as an Angel of Light telling you sweet little lies to get you – God’s creation – to fall into lust, sin, temptation, and into spiritual bondage, which then leads to a spiritual and physical death.

Why?  Because Satan and his demons come to STEAL, to KILL, and to DESTROY.  Satan is a Murderer and comes as a Roaring Lion seeking whom to DEVOUR.  Yet, what Satan intended for evil, I pray that God will turn it around and use it for good.

If you’re hurting, lost or dying in sin, please CRY OUT & CRY UP to YHWH God, to YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST), and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to bring you liberty, also be sure to reach out to your Family, Loved Ones and Friends to get help.

JESUS Loves You and He has the Power to Set the Captives FREE.  For whom the Son sets FREE shall be FREE indeed!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  GOD LOVES YOU and He wants for you to have LIFE and to have it more abundantly.  His Free Gift of Salvation brings ETERNAL LIFE, regardless of what you’ve done or been through!

We are here to HELP, to HEAL, to PRAY, to DELIVER, and to GUIDE you to Paths of Righteousness found in JESUS CHRIST alone, through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT; however, we cannot help until you are willing to admit that you need help.

In closing, I’m making plans to go and pick up my little Brother from California, to have one final road trip with Adan back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then to El Paso, Texas to hold his funeral services.

I just wish he was alive and I was going for him to get him the help he needed, or even to have a Celebration of Life.  Instead, I’m mourning – not knowing where his final destination will ultimately be, as his troubled life was cut short by alcoholism, depression and drug addiction.

Get Help Please!  Don’t Lose Hope and Don’t Fight this Battle Alone!


Joseph Preacher Carrillo

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