I call it tough love! That is a whole new concept for many! I grew up with it! It made me a better person! Some Pastors and parents, need to take off their Mr. Rogers sweater and get with God’s program! I had the best parents ever! I had the best Pastors, and Sunday school teachers ever! I had the best school teachers ever! I have the best wife ever! I have the best children ever! I have the best grandchildren ever! Tough love!

From OutReach Magazine:

This may be a generational thing, but a growing idea lately is that leaders have to be “nice.”  The idea is that to be effective, they have to be friendly with their team, create an atmosphere where people aren’t upset, and generally be, well, nice.

But looking back over my career, the greatest leaders I’ve had the honor to work with weren’t always very nice.  They were driven, passionate, and hated doing work that was less than the best we could do.  As a result, they weren’t hesitant to push their team and hurt some feelings in the process.

They were rarely nice.

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