Our hearts go out to Pastor Phillip Loveday’s family and friends. Our prayers of comfort go out to all.

The world has become tough for all. The world will get more tough, stay close to your loved ones, love like Jesus more than ever. Make sure your Pastor is getting time off. Pastors have more pressure on them than anytime in my lifetime.

Last year, the number jumped by 3 percent to about 49,449, according to new data. The United States recorded its highest number of suicides last year, with more than 49,000 people taking their own lives in 2022, according to newly released government data.

The Christian Post:

The family of the late Texas Pastor Phillip Loveday is mourning after Loveday was found dead by police from an apparent suicide Tuesday. A GoFundMe campaign to help support Loveday’s family has raised more than $11,000 as of Friday morning. Read more.

Pastor Loveday’s death comes as recent research from Barna shows how pastors have suffered significant declines over the last seven years in key measures of well-being such as physical, mental, emotional, and overall health, particularly when it comes to having true friends.

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