It is been a rough three years for me in trying to help people who have has loved ones pass away. So many funerals, so many broken hearts. I have one man who is still having such a tough time since is wife passed away 5 years ago. He is lost without her. My family also has had a loss. My sisters husband of almost 40 years, died in a farm accident in June. My heart aches so much for my sister, their adult children and all the grandkids. Please pray for my dear sister Deb and her entire family. Also pray for John Schneider. Thank you so very much.

I have another service to officiate next week. I took grieving classes when my Mom and Dad passed away so young. It hit me so very hard. The Lord has taught me so very much about death and I am using that godly knowledge to help others the best I can.

I encourage all Pastors to talk about death more, and what it means. If I can help you please contact me.

Please be sensitive to those that are grieving.

Mark Twain said, “Live your life so that at your funeral even the undertaker cries.”


By Stephanie Martin

Months after his wife’s death, actor and country singer John Schneider made his first Hollywood appearance, where he spoke emotionally about widowhood. The “Dukes of Hazzard” star, whose Christian film credits include 2012’s “October Baby,” revealed he has been working on a new album about his wife, titled “We Are Still Us.”

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