Pictured is Steve Alfaro with his lovely wife Eledia.

Just a few days ago I saw brother Steve post on Facebook about Church clicks. That hit my hot button, as I have spoke on this issue for years! People should be seeing the damage caused by church clicks very Cleary. I first met Steve at The Soldiers of Cross Conference a couple years ago at New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque. Steve shared his testimony of JESUS saving him from a life of darkness! The man is on fire for JESUS! Thank you for sharing with us Steve!


I would like to start off by saying thank you for the opportunity of being heard , I feel we are in dire and desperate need of unity in the church as a whole . A little background on me, I was gang related starting at the young age of 13. I was ranked into a gang  and my life was filled with gang affiliation, gang structure, and gang mentality.  As a gang member we banged (fought) with other gangs in and around New Mexico and especially in the Albuquerque area. We felt like the neighborhood we were from was ours and no one was welcome in it unless you were a part of our movement. If you didn’t meet our expectations then you were not able to function within our neighborhood. Now this leads me to the reasoning behind this email . I strongly believe that today’s church operates and functions a lot like how gangs operate. We have churches that refuse to do ministry with each other because of church politics . The other day I just happened to hear of a church function that was being held at balloon fiesta park. The name of it was “The Jesus Gathering.”  My wife and I attended this gathering. When we arrived we noticed there were food trucks and lots of other vendors. Sadly there were only a small handful of participants. The worship was amazing, the volunteers were plentiful, they had an amazing outreach planned but the lack of people I believe stems from the lack of church participation and when I say church I’m speaking of the body of Christ as a whole. We live in a state that is in total moral decay. Our children are killing each other in numbers so great that we cannot even keep up with them any longer. If the church does not do something quick I feel that we are going to lose this battle that Satan is waging against our beautiful state and our precious children . The only way we are going to do anything about our city’s demise is by the Church unifying under the banner of Christ as one. We must come together and stop this church clicking up nonsense . Again thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest. I am looking forward to seeing a change and working as arm bearers. May God keep you and bless you


Steve Alfaro

Member of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque

I am sure Steve would be willing to speak at your Church!

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