I am very concerned that many Churches in America do not have many young people in the pews……

I am so very thankful for this message by Greg Stier! I have tried my best to send out this same message! The Church in America is reeling, as Greg states in this post! Come on Pastors! Wake up and smell the coffee! SADLY, MANY STAY WITHIN THEIR OWN LITTLE KINGDOM! Many do not have a lot of young people in their congregation! They are not growing up mature Christians! I know! I see it as I travel! It is a down right shame! Many do not carry out The Great Commission and hit the streets! I find that down right shameful. I just made myself more unpopular with many. I am not here to run a popularity contest! I serve God, not man. This may be my last day on earth, that is how I look at my life given to me by my LORD, and I will do my best 24/7 to serve him as long as God has me here. I do not take no joy in the lack of  the American Church.


And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Matthew 16:18

We rant and rave about the drugs, depression, social media and violence that are ravaging our youth. And, yes, these are critical issues that must be faced head on and dealt with. We are in a cultural moment where the church is reeling. Pastors morally failing, congregations politically dividing, BLM, CRT, OMG…we are living in crazy times. More Here

Why do many Americans have little or no faith in the Church?

I have reported more and more on evil coming out of the Church than ever before in my news career. It has gotten horrible. As one of my Pastor friends has said now for years, “Much of the Church has become like the world.” That old saying is, this evil is showing an unbelieving world just what it wants to see from Christians. We, as the body of Christ, have to do better folks! One of the most sickening acts of evil took place in the Southern Baptist Church: Report Here

Published on Jan 02, 2023 DOI 10.21428/88de04a1.000ff84d Child Sex Abusers in Protestant Christian Churches: An Offender Typology

How to perverts ever get into a position at a Church?

Former youth pastor Daniel Kellan Mayfield, who was arrested last month for allegedly filming girls as young as 14 in the bathroom of a South Carolina church, faces 24 new charges of criminal sexual conducts as investigators say he also recorded women in bridal parties changing their clothes. Mayfield now faces 70 total charges. Read more.

From Lifeway Research:

Trust in the church or organized religion, while down from 2021, is up just slightly from 31% in 2022 to 32% in 2023.

By Aaron Earls

Most institutions in the U.S. are facing a crisis of trust, and the church is not immune.

Twelve of the 16 institutions included in Gallup’s most recent survey on institutional trust are within three percentage points of their all-time low, including the church.

The average level of Americans’ confidence in major institutions hit its lowest point this year at 26%. After holding steady at around 40% through the 1980s and 90s, the average dropped from 43% in 2004 to 26% in 2003. More Here

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