I have been reporting on this for many years…..19 to be exact. Dr. David Jeremiah was one of the most popular preachers that the listeners of KKIM radio would listen to when I managed the station. Dr. Jeremiah is so very, very biblically sound! You see, we are living in a time when only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview! Who are you listening to? Do your read your Bible? This falling away started years ago…..I have watched it for many, many years with my own eyes, and it has broken my heart. I have seen the destruction of my country.

I was sharing with Sharon yesterday that so many Americans are blind. They do not see what REALLY is happening. Even Pastors! The enemy of America has always been within.

Time is running out, so many are Americans are being so foolish, they are focused on the wrong things.

Pastor Adrian Rogers puts it this way: We are on a collision course with destiny, and we cannot afford to be ignorant. The signs of Jesus’ coming are everywhere. I’ve stopped looking for the signs; I’m listening for the shout. I believe Jesus is at the door. One of the most wonderful, blessed, and biblical truths is this: His coming is imminent. That means He may come at any moment. Do You Believe the Absolute Truth that Jesus Is Coming?

From The Christian Post:

Influential Pastor David Jeremiah has voiced his concerns about the seemingly increasing number of pastors and churches straying from biblical truth, warning that this trend indicates the “falling away” Scripture prophesies ahead of the End Times.

In an interview with The Christian Post, the 82-year-old founder of Turning Point Radio and Television ministries said that “one of the things the Bible says is that during the time when we’re anticipating the rapture, there will be what they call the falling away, the apostasy, is what theologians call it.” Story Here

Violence Increases in ungodly America

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