Hell has broken loose all over America, even in the most rural areas, so many are blinded by Satan. This is the most dangerous situation I have seen in my 67 years on earth. It seems to me that many Pastors and congregants are not hitting the streets in their community and reaching the lost. They work for the do-little-sit-more Church. So many brag about what they are doing on Facebook! But really, what are you actually doing for God? Remember, it is a command from JESUS to carry out The Great Commission . We are having murders every week in Albuquerque. It is such a dangerous city, shootings at a grocery store, movie theater, all over this beautiful city that man is destroying. It comes down to this, what are you doing about it?

There are many good things going on for God for sure, but we must not be satisfied until we give all we got for God. We must give of ourselves until it hurts and then more.

The scoreboard reads like this from Barna Research: Just 4 percent of Americans have a Biblical Worldview, and only 37 percent of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. That means failure folks.

Barna Research: “The biblical worldview (also known as biblical theism) is defined specifically by the CRC as a means of experiencing, interpreting, and responding to reality in light of biblical perspectives,” a statement explains. “A personal understanding of every idea, opportunity, and experience based on the identification and application of relevant biblical principles so that each choice made may be consistent with God’s principles and commands.”

Many Churches in America are not baptizing folks, many are not raising up mature Christians! I see it! I know it! Many have hardly any children in Church! I see the failures of the American Church! The results are horrible! We all should be alarmed and hitting the streets! Get to work Church! ALL GLORY TO GOD!

All of the World suffers from Spiritual Dryness


Dwight Pate, senior pastor of Church Point Ministries in North Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has locked himself in a prayer room in the hope that his prayers will help combat crime throughout Louisiana’s capitol city.

“It’s impossible for someone to really be sincere by seeking God without drawing other men and women to pray,” the 68-year-old Pate told WAFB News.

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