Charles Stanley stated: While we actively wait, He actively works.

In this hurry up world, waiting for anything can cause us to lose our temper. Oh My! Many do! We do not like waiting in line at the post office, grocery store, or anywhere else. Many have ‘ants in their pants’ LOL!
We do not even like waiting for good things, like for the fish to bite. We want what we want right now!

The Word of God teaches us that we learn some of life’s biggest lessons while we wait! Amen to that! I could do an all-day sermon on waiting. I can tell you, when I do not wait for God, I mess many things up if I go before Him.

Sharon I can share with you about waiting on God. God had us form FGGAM 11 years ago  next month. Waiting on God in starting an independent ministry is one of the greatest classrooms ever! For the first 3 years, we wondered if we would make it. I have learned to wait! Sharon is so much better than I on waiting. I am so very thankful to God I have her!



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