I have radio in my blood, especially AM RADIO! I spent 1978 at Brown in Minneapolis and on weekends I was a news reporter for the Minnesota State News Network which served many AM’s across the state. I then took my first full-time job at KGCX AM radio in Sidney, Montana in 1979. 42 years in full time radio and I still do a radio program on KDOM AM/FM in my hometown of Windom, Minnesota, ‘House of Hope.’ Radio has been so very, very good to me! It is a one on one media. Big government and big business need to leave radio alone! Radio serves the Public at no cost! My goodness!

God gave me many years in radio and was training me up to be a communicator for HIM when He moved me into full-time ministry! PTL!! I am so super blessed to keep going at age 67 here at FGGAM.ORG, on KDOM, Soundcloud, most of all PREACHING!!!!!!!!! SERVING GOD AND ALL PEOPLE!!! I have many assignments from the LORD coming up! Even a wedding!!! PTL!!! We celebrate 11 years here at FGGAM next month! PTL!!! Thank YOU LORD!

The Baptist Press Reports:

NASHVILLE (BP) – Although AM radio can be perceived as living in the shadow of other communication platforms, its value is being recognized with the bipartisan support and passage out of Senate committee of the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act.

One out of three American radio listeners tune in to AM stations every month, said Nic Anderson, director of government affairs for Salem Media Group.

“Even as technology changes, people are still listening to AM radio,” he said.

His concern is that auto manufacturers “are turning into another form of big tech.”

“They want control of the dashboard. They want control and they want subscription revenue. They don’t own AM and FM radio or control the programming.” More Here

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