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Known especially for her songs “Blessed” and the now award-winning, “Perfectly Loved,” Rachael Lampa recently opened up about her roles as a mom, Christian artist, and advocate for those with Down syndrome. Her infant son, Leo, has Down syndrome and has ignited a love and passion in the recording artist.  More Here

Samuel Caraballo: Her contagious belly laugh and her dancing abilities are a reflection of her purpose rather than a justification of her worth.

A biology teacher sees things with a new perspective when his own child is born with trisomy 21, and reflects on her life and what it has meant to him: “How many chromosomes do humans have?” That was one of the questions I would ask my students while teaching high school biology in the city of Boston. The answer I graded as “correct” was: “humans have 46 chromosomes.” End of story. Little did I know that the arrival of my firstborn child would force me to expand my understanding of human genetics, and what means to be created in the image of God.

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