God cannot be pleased at all with us………

I have been out of town, but it did not stop me from seeing what was happening back home in Albuquerque! Hell on earth! I heard gunfire in our area this morning at 3:15. I called the Police as did some of my neighbors.

I wrote this today around 4am: God does not have me here on earth to play Patty-cake, Patty cake! New Mexico needs to repent! New Mexico needs to truly repent because of the killing of babies and all other evil! No more high school pep rallies please, TRUE REPENTANCE and CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR! New Mexico continues to fail because of no change in behavior, it just gets worse everyday! My goodness folks, do you not see????????


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – On Tuesday, Albuquerque police identified five teens killed in a surge of shootings all within the first week of June.

“There are more and more teens armed with firearms now than any other period than I’ve ever seen,” said APD Chief Harold Medina during a press conference Monday.

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Got Questions states: Even though repentance is extremely important, there is no Scripture passage that explains what repentance means or how to do it. This is probably because repentance is not an inherently theological word. When people heard the command to repent, they knew what it meant because it was a normal word with a normal meaning. Essentially, repent means “to change one’s mind” about something (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, metanoeo). Of course, when a person has a change of mind about something, the result is a change of behavior as well. If a driver is headed south on a highway and suddenly realizes that he is going the wrong direction, he will then get off at the next exit and head in the opposite direction. He has repented—he has changed his mind about the direction he should be driving. If he realizes he is going the wrong direction but decides to continue on without making any changes, he has not really repented. He has, by his actions, shown that he is just fine with the current direction of travel. In the New Testament, repentance is associated with a change of mind about sin. More Here

Only if the Church here in New Mexico and all over America was unified like this: Over 280 Churches unified in California for these baptisims!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! To the Church in New Mexico: Why can’t you become unified???? The state smells of hell. You are losing or have already have, lost your state to Satan. Killing babies, multiple murder’s, legalized pot, gangs, etc…I heard gun shots from my house at 3:15 am today! We called the Police as did other neighbors! Two weeks ago we had a swat situation in our neighborhood. A thug on the run from Police jumped through the window of a 90-year-old women’s home and would not come out until Police smoked him out! This is the everyday norm here in Albuquerque! This is no way to live! I talked to a lady from Utah yesterday on the plane who was flying into into Albuquerque to move her grandmother out of Belen, New Mexico because of all the hell going on there. I just returned from rural Minnesota and South Dakota, no sirens in all the days I was there, NOT ONE!!!! No gun fire, no murders, JESUS is the only answer!

Over 4,000 people were baptized at Pirates Cove Beach in California on May 28, Pentecost Sunday. Brian Houston and his son, Ben, attended the event, which took place at the same site where baptisms of the Jesus People Movement of the 1960s and 1970s occurred, as depicted in the recent movie, “Jesus Revolution.”

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