Father’s Day has a whole different meaning for children that do not have a daddy in the house. I  think of all the folks I have met over the years who were abused by their daddy, and brought drugs and booze into the house. Let us be sensitive to all those that have been through hell with their daddy. Divorce scares children forever. Many children never get a chance to go to Sunday School or Church. This is why it is vital for Christians to carry out The Great Commission.

The Christin Post Reports:

Research from Communio suggests that absent fathers and collapsed marriages are two key reasons for the decline of Christianity in the United States. The Nationwide Study on Faith and Relationships drew on data from a national survey of 19,000 Sunday church attendees from 112 congregations in 13 states. Findings showed approximately 80% of Sunday churchgoers were raised in homes where their biological parents were married to each other throughout their upbringing. The study also confirms that “boys who grew up in homes with married parents are considerably more likely to attend church regularly as adults.” Full Story.

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