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On an episode of my ReFOCUS podcast earlier this month, I sat with author and thought leader Arthur Brooks to talk all about happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes the Christian community can get misguided about where true happiness comes from. We get bogged down with thinking about our happiness and how it is dependent on things. Am I making enough money? Am I successful in my career? Do I have the right body image? Have I lost weight?

But are those the things that really make you happy?

These worldly goals are not wrong in and of themselves, but if we rely on them to fill us with joy, we will never be satisfied. Our souls are full when we rest on the eternal love and everlasting faith of our Lord God.

I hope you’ll “eavesdrop” on our conversation — I promise it will leave you encouraged and inspired.

May you and your family find happiness in Christ,

Jim Daly

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