I have such great respect for Jim Townsend. I asked him if he would write a ‘state of the state’ report for me. Jim sent me this article that appeared in the Artesia newspaper last week. New Mexico is so blessed by this mans leadership.  I wish he was our governor.

‘For Heaven’s Sake’ Written By New Mexico Representative Jim Townsend, District 54

We all know we have great opportunities in New Mexico. We love our cultures, our cuisines and our skies. We all realize how important it is to prepare greater opportunities for our children and our loved ones. Yet as certain as we are of what needs to be done, our performance indicates that we are hobbled and hamstrung by the burdens of past decisions and leadership. The strength of our industries collectively allows ample resources to facilitate all New Mexicans success. Whether you live in Aztec or Artesia or Taos or Truth or Consequences we should all help enable each other to succeed, because collectively we are most viable as a State when we are all succeeding. Unfortunately, we have too often allowed small, isolated but loud political operatives fueled by a few extremists to influence laws and regulations governing and restricting New Mexicans future negatively. When the truth is known, their ability to achieve their desired impact is impossible. Take for instance the real impact of some of New Mexico climate initiatives included in the Energy Transition Act. New Mexico has approximately .00025% of the world’s population. When we overly restrict industry in New Mexico for the purpose of curbing global green house gases we are only killing jobs and opportunities in New Mexico for our families and we do absolutely nothing that is calculable globally. Does that mean the intent is bad, no what it means is that a small isolated group, who might feel ingratiated with a new statue has done nothing but harm the families of New Mexico for no calculable benefit of the world, but absolutely horribly obvious consequences right here at home. The San Juan Power Plant closure is a perfect example of political stupidity. We had the real opportunity to save thousands of New Mexican jobs, develop a state of the art clean coal facility, provide dispatchable economical power for the future yet we let petty politics destroy long standing jobs and careers of New Mexico residents. Numerous publications and acclaimed authors have noted throughout history that people all over the world thrive when energy is available, abundant and economical. Every developing economy has utilized their most available means to develop energy and has their economies grow, education booms, nutrition is made available and medical services and longevity increase. Jobs are the key. Great jobs, the ones that turn into careers with super retirement benefits and opportunities for our children. Jobs that do not need subsidies to survive and cause taxes to be paid because of the demand for their product not artificial demand caused only by administrative fiats. We must stop killing our own neighbors’ opportunities and their schools and their futures just because we can politically. We must understand that we should utilize the resources we have to provide the best opportunity we have for everyone in our State. Maybe…just maybe we can be different yet supportive of each other…..Maybe just maybe we could have the cleanest coal plant in the world operating right here in New Mexico with jobs for New Mexicans and the captured carbon dioxide for sequestration….maybe just maybe we could produce the most economical electricity for our own industries so they can provide jobs and careers for New Mexicans and just maybe we could realize that natural gas is the most economical resources we have to create dispatchable electricity as we develop competitive economically viable renewables. The strength of the New Mexican family is vital to our future. We must have strong families, mothers and fathers with great opportunities to provide for their families regardless of their location. Our children deserve stable environments to learn and grow and real jobs with viable economic means is critical for long term success. For Heaven’s sake, we must consider the effects of our decisions on the wellbeing of our children. Godly principles recognized by our forefathers created this Nations path and we must consider those we help prepare paths to walk.

Representative James G. Townsend – (R)

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