Let us pray for all those that are still recovery from the COVID pandemic. Many folks are fighting ‘Long-Covid.’ Many also still have anxiety from that horrific time. Those that lost loved ones during the pandemic are still grieving. COVID was right from the pit of hell. I beleive with all my research and talking to my sources, this hell was created by the Chinese. Let us all be sensitive to all people and prayerful as many strive to recover.

From Jessica Lea of CHURCHLEADERS:

“I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore,” Lauren Daigle said. “I started developing panic attacks.” She had seen amazing success with her 2018 album “Look Up Child” and her record-setting song, “You Say.” But in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Daigle to stop touring and “it all dismantled. You combine the disappointment with grief and loss and the state of the world,” said Daigle, and that perfect storm led her into anxiety and depression. “I found myself at a rock bottom.” More Here

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