I got a note from a lovely lad that was disappointed her Pastor did not even mention that this past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. Did your Pastor preach on what Pentecost Sunday is all about? Sunday at Pastor Mark Grothe’s Church, Route 66, I preached on Wisdom vs. Intelligence, Memorial Day and Pentecost, it all ties together. I wonder how many Pastors in America mentioned Pentecost Sunday? The America Church is losing its influence rapidly! God, Truth, Sin, and Church: Shocking Study Reveals How Americans’ Shifting Views Spark Biblical Worldview Crisis

Pentecost Sunday & Peter’s Shadow… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

True Power by Pastor Ed Solis

This Sunday I will be in Los Alamos filling in for Pastor Paul Jaramillo at The Open Door Bible Church, see above.

JERUSALEM, Israel – On Pentecost Sunday, hundreds gathered on Jerusalem’s Southern Steps, just below the Temple Mount, to pray for Israel. It began a historic evangelistic effort to reach the world.

During this Global Day of Prayer for Jerusalem and the Nations, an unusual last season rain covered those who attended in person, with millions more joining online.

“I have been in broadcast for 25 years as you have and I’ve never seen something like this before,” said Jono Hall of Sardius Media, who oversaw the global broadcast. More Here

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