REUTERS is reporting that United States (“US)” national security agencies are currently reviewing how they share sensitive intelligence secrets both inside and outside of the US government, as well as dealing with the diplomatic fallout from the leak of dozens of confidential and classified documents on social media sites last week.

The leaked documents, primarily addressing a snapshot in time during early March 2023, could be the most damaging release of US governmental information since the 2013 publishing of US National Security Agency (“NSA”) classified information to WikiLeaks by Edward Snowden – a naturalized Russian citizen sought by the US for this crime.

Substantial concern centers on leaked information about Ukraine’s potential war vulnerabilities and the potential for misinformation due to possible alteration of the documents by Russia.

The REUTERS news report may be read HERE.

The Associated Press (“AP News”) is also reporting on this matter, with emphasis on the concern that US spies caught Russian intelligence officers boasting that they had convinced the oil-rich United Arab Emirates “to work together against US and [United Kingdom] intelligence agencies,” according to a purported American document posted online as part of the recent US intelligence breach of apparent classified documents.

US officials have declined to comment on the document, which bore “Top Secret” markings.

The AP News report may be read HERE.

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