I have learned so much about death in the last 4 years by doing so many funerals. I have listened to many people on how they feel about losing a loved one. Real life is losing a loved one. I have received an education from God by Him assigning me to officiate so many funerals. I always was told to be in touch with life is to go to one funeral a month, go to a hospital, and nursing home. God will teach you much. Many of you reading this message are concerned with things that have no importance to God. Think about it.

Charles Stanley was focused in sharing Jesus with the world……how about you?

From CHURCHLEADERS: It was fitting for the legacy celebration of Pastor Charles Stanley to be held at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia—the church where Stanley served for nearly 50 years. Pastor Anthony George of First Baptist Atlanta hosted, guiding guests through the service for this “warrior of the faith.” More Here

Here is another Story on the Memorial Service for Charles Stanley, from the Baptist Press

I can not put the book down that Franklin Graham wrote about his daddy Billy. The title is ‘Through My Father’s Eyes.’ It will teach you much. It will show you how to live for Jesus and not the world.

The list of things you have to do today……is serving Jesus at the top?

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “live your life so that your funeral even the undertaker cries.”

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