Fox News is reporting this morning that Granger Smith, an established country music artist, will be leaving the performance world of country music.

Earlier this month, the singer/songwriter took to his social media pages and announced that his upcoming “Like a River” tour – named after his son, would be his last.  The 43-year-old is gearing up to devote his life to ministry at his local church outside of Austin, Texas.  His final show will be on August 26, 2023.

The Fox News article may be read HERE.

Praise God that he has listened to the Lord’s calling and is willing to forgo personal fame and use his God-given gifts in service to Christ and His church.  This is not to say that all musicians must leave their musical platforms, but it does show that this man understands his calling from the Lord.

If you are willing, let’s pray.  Father, in this world it’s easy to listen to advice from those who really don’t know our hearts and to settle for what seems to be right according to man, but we thank You for Granger’s heart.  We ask that You would not only guide but protect him (and his entire family) from the darts of the evil one that are sure to come as he steps forward into ministry.  LORD, be glorified!  We ask this in Jesus’ name!

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