This message is from Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone:

Immediately after the abortion, I felt regret. I knew I had done a terrible thing. I really struggled with life after that, I failed classes and became withdrawn. It took me 9 years to finally complete my undergraduate degree. I was terribly depressed and lost. … I became promiscuous and I drank way too much. I have had difficulty in jobs and have moved from place to place always trying to fit in and find the right place for me.

Mothers like Molly are not alone in suffering regret after abortion, yet they usually do not know where to turn for healing. That is why various pro-life and healing ministries have designated the month of April as Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. We want our society to understand the wounds abortion brings, and the healing that is available to women, men and families.

The largest program in the world offering healing after abortion is Rachel’s Vineyard, a ministry of Priests for Life. Rachel’s Vineyard offers weekend retreats, as well as individual follow-up. Since its founding in 1994 by Dr. Theresa Karminski Burke and Kevin Burke, the program has grown to offer more than 1,000 retreats annually across 49 states and 70 countries.

One feature on the Rachel’s Vineyard website is “Submit a Question,” which allows those in need to quickly reach out for help. Questions are answered daily and have helped many people connect with the resources appropriate to their needs.

Closely related to Rachel’s Vineyard is the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a joint project co-founded by Priests for Life Executive Director Janet Morana and Anglicans for Life President Georgette Forney. This ministry enables those who have experienced abortion and found healing to share their stories publicly. See

If you or someone you know is suffering after an abortion, a healing program could be a lifesaver. The easiest way to find one – whether it’s Rachel’s Vineyard, SaveOne or any other program – is to go to, enter your ZIP code in the search box and find the program closest to you.

This is a website that we at Silent No More have established.

Those who may not feel ready yet to attend a program can still find help.

At you can read the stories of mothers and fathers who made the choice for abortion and how it impacted them. Just knowing you are not alone can be the first step toward healing.

These resources and more can be found on

Throughout April, special programming and Church resources on abortion healing will be available on Priests for Life’s streaming channels and social media platforms. Check EndAbortion.TV for schedules. Please spread the word!

Furthermore, I am so grateful for all of the kind and positive comments I receive about our work. Here are just a few…

“You are an inspiration to us. Your bravery is giving us courage to go to the March for Life and fight against assisted suicide in our state.” – Deacon Bob and Peggy

“Dear Frank Pavone, I was writing checks this morning for Lenten almsgiving. I hesitated… and said a prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Later this afternoon I turned on the TV and there you were talking on the news channel. I believe all prayers are answered. I chose to accept the answers whether I understand them or not. I know you will put this gift to good use continuing your holy work.” Sincerely, Anthony C., PA

“Dear Priests for Life, Staff and Father Pavone, Thank you very much for sharing this critical information with us regarding the upcoming Wisconsin election on April 4th, 2023. My husband David and I, will, Godwilling, be sharing this, and anything else you may wish for us to share, on upcoming, brand new broadcasts and via our upcoming new and relaunched podcasts via our many media ministry websites we are in process of developing.”

And finally, in case you missed the program the other night on which I interview two of our longest-serving staff members, I want to invite you to watch and share it! A good number of our 50-person staff have worked with us for decades, grateful for the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team and a crucial mission!


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